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Thank you for your interest in exploring my website.  I appreciate the opportunity to share with you the many approaches to healing which I have gradually learned, personally experienced, and progressively integrated into my professional practice over the past 35 years.  Healing is my passion and I have come to recognize that it can happen on many levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – with energy serving as the common link between them all.  My background as a retired physician and psychiatrist, an ongoing Advanced Eden Energy Medicine and Level III Reiki practitioner, an astrologer, a former Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, and a life-long spiritual seeker have contributed to the many avenues of healing I now offer.  Additionally, I teach classes on these various topics for the purpose of integrative learning and healing.  I welcome you to explore this website and to contact me if you have any questions.  I look forward to connecting with you!

My Philosophy

With a holistic appreciation for the wondrous beings that we are, I now focus my professional offerings toward the healing of the whole person – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Our optimal health involves a flowing exchange of information among these four aspects of our being.  This information is carried by our energy systems which simultaneously penetrates all four levels.  Unfortunately, when we are hurt in life – perhaps physically and/or emotionally, for example – one or more of these four levels usually becomes “stuck” in an attempt to limit the extent of the wound.  Yet because of their energetically interwoven nature, injury to any one part of us affects the whole.   Healing interventions work to restore the flow so that we can fully and creatively express who we were born to be in body, heart, mind and soul. 

My practice holds a spiritual focus which honors each person’s way of relating to the intangible, mysterious Source of our lives.  From a Kabbalistic perspective, our soul serves as a receiving vessel for this mysterious Source and subsequently penetrates the mental, emotional, and physical levels of our being.  Thus, we can perhaps appreciate that our soul connects every aspect of us with the Divine.  In line with this understanding, my therapeutic efforts involve soul work even if the word “soul” is never mentioned.  Each level of our being can serve as a potential doorway to our deeper essence, and just as with an injury, healing attention to any one level affects the whole.  Accordingly, the various therapeutic modalities offered can be used alone or in any combination to specifically address the unique needs and preferences of each person wanting to heal.


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