The Healing Monday Series

Creative Consciousness II:
How to Give Form to the Coming Vision

As the stillness of our recent shutdown slowly shifts toward “a new normal,” we can choose to passively accept the parameters defined by others, or each of us can play a role in determining how the next phase of our personal and communal life might unfold. Read more…

Discernment in the Darkness:
Finding a Path to Healing

No one will deny that we live in dark times. Confusion, fear, states of overwhelm and hopelessness challenge many of us as we try to keep our “emotional heads above water.” Read more…

Boundaries and the Pursuit of Consciousness:
Their Necessity and Their Evolution

When we consider the idea of boundaries, perhaps we think of borders, laws, confidentiality, or personal space. Such things as taboos, beliefs, opinions, blame, sin, and self-definition also apply. Read more…

The Power of Moods:
The Exploration of Feelings as a Path to Consciousness

While our current social paradigm emphasizes the importance of professional image, brand, and “appearance management,” our everyday experience of life is highly affected by moods—our own and those of others, nearby and in the collective. Read more…

The Inner Fire: Who Will Fan My Flame?
The Importance and Challenges of Self-Care

In an extroverted culture such as ours, focus on the “other” receives enormous emphasis while narcissism lurks in the shadows. Neither condition fosters a loving, sacred attention to self, nor to the purpose for one’s own incarnation of Sacred Fire into physical form. Read more…

The Mystic, the Warrior, and the Witch

We have all heard stories about mystics, warriors, and witches and how they have been honored or defamed across centuries, continents, and cultures. Read more…

Energy Medicine, Mental Health, and the Pursuit of Consciousness

While these three topics are realms unto themselves, they share at least one thing in common—the mind. We don’t often consider the mind as an energetic phenomenon interacting with the other energetic aspects of our human condition. Read more…

Things that make us go “hmmm?!?”

Quantum physics and other scientific discoveries are expanding our understanding of the “real” world at ever-increasing rates. Read more…

Additional Classes

The Astrological Birth Chart: Blueprint for Psychological and Spiritual Healing

This eight-week series will serve as an introduction to the basics of astrology. We will discover the ancient, magical, and still relevant correlations between the movement of the planets and our lives. Read more…

New Classes Available upon Request!

Healing the Empathic Heart

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Available for Retreat Facilitation upon request.

Available for Drum Circle Facilitation upon request.
I can comfortably invite groups of 5 to 10 people to my office and supply the drums for the occasion.

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