Creative Consciousness II:
How to Give Form to the Coming Vision



Bethlehem, PA

2020 DATES:
September 14, 21, 28
October 5, 12, 19, 26
November 2

Each class of this series begins at 9:30 a.m. with a short break at 10:30 a.m. and closure at 11:30 a.m.

$30 per two-hour class; OR $200 for the eight-week series if paid in full by the first class. 

This series will be held via Zoom and payment can be made by check to the office address below. Link information will be shared upon registration.

(No refunds can be given once payment is made but every effort will be made to reschedule any cancellation that affects the whole class.)

Registration and Questions 
Phone:  610-867-1200

As the stillness of our recent shutdown slowly shifts toward “a new normal,” we can choose to passively accept the parameters defined by others, or each of us can play a role in determining how the next phase of our personal and communal life might unfold. Fear, anger, grief and depression surround us in subtle and not so subtle forms. To create a new vision, these emotions cannot be ignored or avoided.

During the summer series, we began to consider what a new vision might entail. The Persecutor-Rescuer-Victim Triangle that has defined our cultural consciousness for centuries may now give way to a focus on the Body-Mind-Spirit continuum. Body and Spirit cannot be divided or devalued, except by a Mind that perceives and thinks in terms of separation. We need to re-educate the Mind so as to heal this division. This paradigm shift requires our intention, attention and effort if it is ever to take place.

During our last series we relied upon the structure and archetypal meaning of the astrological houses in the birth chart to guide our exploration. This time we will turn to the signs of the zodiac, i.e. archetypal symbols that can help us to better understand the many behavioral styles, psychological motivations, and spiritual attunements that can inform our personal and collective efforts.

Personal questionnaires will provide participants the opportunity for private reflection. Those who have a basic understanding of astrology can bring their birth charts for deeper exploration as well. (Knowledge of astrology is not required to derive benefit from this series.) A list of references and relevant handouts will be provided during the first class and as needed thereafter.

All Classes are held at 618 Fourth Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18018.  

See Contact information for map and details.


Free street parking is available on Fourth Avenue between West Broad Street and North Street, but with a two-hour limit.  Unlimited free parking is available on North Street and on Fourth Avenue between North Street and Union Boulevard.  Metered parking is available on West Broad Street.


Every attempt will be made to provide make-up classes for those cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseeable events which affect the whole class.
Stay tuned for information regarding future classes!


Regina Bogle, M.D.

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