A Language of the Soul



Bethlehem, PA

2021 DATES:
September 20, 27
October 4, 11, 18, 25
November 1, 8


Each class of this series begins at 9:30 a.m. with a short break at 10:30 a.m. and closure at 11:30 a.m.

$30 per two-hour class; OR $200 for the eight-week series if paid in full by the first class. 

This series will be held via Zoom and the address for payment by check will be given upon registration.

(No refunds can be given once payment is made but every effort will be made to reschedule any cancellation that affects the whole class.)

Registration and Questions 
Phone:  610-867-1200
Email:  reginaboglemd@gmail.com

Dreams have always played an important role in the human story. Ancient Egyptians believed that we travel to other realms in our dreams each night, returning each morning to the life we know as ours. Historical and literary works abound with tales of notable figures who honored the messages of their nightly visions, using them for healing, prediction, and guidance.

During the last century, psychoanalysts have used dream interpretations to explore the depths of the human psyche and further their healing work with clients. More recently, neuroscientists study brain anatomy and physiology, neuronal activity and pathways to better understand our portal to the dreamtime.

Whether we remember our dreams or not, it has become clear that our health depends upon our dreaming. To derive even greater benefit, accessing our dreams and understanding their language enhances their overall effect. Carl G. Jung described how the soul communicates with us through our dreams and their use of archetypal symbols. When we learn to interpret their language, we can better attend to our soul’s call.

This series will explore the realm of the dreamtime. We will consider our dreams by addressing questions, such as: Where do they come from? Why do we dream? How do we interpret dreams? How do they impact our psychological health? Our spirituality? Our sense of life beyond the known? Participants will be invited to share their dreams and explore their meaning for personal and group benefit. This class will take place on Zoom. A list of references and relevant handouts will be provided for this eight-week series during the first class and as needed thereafter.

P.O. Box 3193, Bethlehem, PA 18017.  

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Every attempt will be made to provide make-up classes for those cancelled due to inclement weather or other unforeseeable events which affect the whole class.
Stay tuned for information regarding future classes!


Regina Bogle, M.D.

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