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Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart

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Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart

Book Overview

Our world is struggling—economically, environmentally, politically—and many of us ache and yearn for healing. Not only globally, but personally, the needs of others claim our attention, especially when we tune into our empathic sensitivities. Our feelings offer us important information, but culturally we have learned to devalue or ignore them. Paradoxically, this is the very reason why we’re struggling on the small and larger scale.

Tenderness, a gentle, loving quality of the heart, ideally greets us at the moment of birth and guides our walk through life. Unfortunately, many of us learn to give up any hope for tenderness as we grow, except perhaps in our most intimate moments. Worse, we cast aside all thought of extending this gift to ourselves. Yet our feelings, physical and emotional, need the care of a tender heart in order for us to thrive in our challenging, insensitive world. We know that our beautiful, tender hearts can be hurt, but they can also heal us. Sadly, when we avoid our painful feelings and separate the hurting from the healing, we feel our heart broken in two.

Often we interpret our feelings through the judgments of an inner critic whose barrage includes not only our feeling responses to life and relationships, but also those feelings derived from empathy—the ability to sense the inner, unspoken physical and emotional states of others. If fury or grief smolder beneath the smile plastered on someone’s face, we feel it, some of us more so than others. When we cannot identify the source, considerable confusion, self-criticism, anxiety, and depression may follow. We need to appreciate our feelings as messengers of important information and our heart as their best interpreter. When we learn to embrace our tender heart, and reconnect the healing with the hurting, the inner critic comes to peace. We also reap the added benefit of positively impacting child development, our personal and professional relationships, and the world.

Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart uniquely integrates reader-friendly information from neurological, psychological, energy medicine, and spiritual perspectives. It also provides effective energy medicine tools, myths, and real-life stories in a comprehensive guidebook for those wanting to understand the roots of their sensitivity, heal the resulting wounds, and empower their tender heart with love and resilience, thereby contributing to the healing of our planet. Drawing upon the author’s personal and professional experiences, this work invites the reader to honor our inner world of feeling as a pathway to the sacred and as an essential aspect of our evolving human potential.

What People Are Saying…

Jonathan M. Goldman, M.Ac.
Author of Gift of the Body: A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy Anatomy, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart


“Regina is issuing a plea and a challenge for us: to accept our innate sensitivities as the gift that they are and not as a burden to be covered up, ignored and lamented. Through the use of her auto-biographical description of her own healing and work, she is showing us that this acceptance is not only the first step in our own healing, but opens the reception of a revolutionary and evolutionary new paradigm for our world—one where the heart is in charge of our enormous power to manifest and create what we choose to make. The wounds, individual and collective, are all out in the open for all who have eyes to see. This book is a contribution to the deepening discussion of ‘What now?'”

Melanie Moffat, RN, LMT, CHTP, EEM-AP
“Interwoven with myths, scientific research, energetic interpretations, spiritual reflections and personal sharing, Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart offers the reader a very readable (hard to put down) format for understanding the empathic experience—i.e. our abilities to sense the inner states of others. Dr. Bogle presents an exquisite interpretation of Donna Eden’s and Jonathan Goldman’s work to provide a more accessible avenue for emotional healing through the integrative doorway of energy medicine. I believe this book will become the quintessential text book not only for empaths but for nursing, mental health, and energy medicine professionals, and all those wanting to more deeply understand, work with, and appreciate the value of feelings in our lives.”
Celeste M. Saunders, MD, FACEP
“Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart offers a unique approach to the understanding of empathy and the difficulties and challenges that we face on a daily basis.  Dr. Bogle’s synergistic combination of traditional psychological perspectives, energy medicine and energy psychology presents a more cohesive and compassionate picture of our sensitivities and responses to life’s stressors. The depth and insights within the pages of Feeling Our Way are like a compass that so many of us need. Having a compass does not dictate the route we take in life but helps us to keep going in the right direction no matter how circuitous the path. This work promotes personal empowerment through an honoring of feelings and a deepening of love. In this way we can then transform what may have been a liability into a treasure. This is truly a book written from the heart.”
Dr. Vicki Matthews
“Our world stands at the crossroads. Our feelings offer us information regarding the choices which face us but in order to choose wisely we need to understand what we feel. Will we create a future shaped by love or ignorance? Will we sensitively reach out to others or numb ourselves in fear? Will we allow ourselves to trust our hearts for guidance or yield to societal expectations that the future will repeat the past? For millennia, sages have known that our most authentic way forward is through love and a deep understanding that we are one, all the while recognizing that our individual journeys contribute to the whole. As Dr. Regina Bogle states so clearly in her seminal book, Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart: “Oneness is heart consciousness.”


I encourage you to journey with Dr. Bogle as she explores the wisdom of the tender heart and its capacity to embrace the feeling and empathic aspects of our human nature—both within ourselves and others. Her work is a gift to the world and places us one step closer to not just surviving as a species, but thriving.”

Sarah Finnerty, MD, MPH, FACEP
“It is wisdom to know others; It is enlightenment to know one’s self,” Lao-Tzu. In this courageous work, Dr. Bogle inspires us to understand ourselves more deeply by creatively synthesizing a variety of ancient and modern teachings. As a natural outflow of this understanding, tenderly embracing oneself as a feeling human being naturally becomes easier. Simultaneously poetic and practical, this work offers insight into ways to appreciate and rewire our responses for increased well-being and the possibility of healthier relationships with ourselves and others. Brava!!!
Jo-Ellen Darling, MS
Writer and Christian Contemplative


“In Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart, Regina Bogle gently proclaims a new and liberating perspective for those who identify with the archetype of ‘Empath.’ Bogle describes in a beautifully poetic way how the tender and sensitive soul, whose gifts may have been a double-edged sword for years, can soar in freedom with the reassurance that our emotions—even when negative and confusing—play a major role in the journey to spiritual health and wholeness.”

Julie A. Cook, MAPC
Pastoral Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist (retired), Spiritual Director



“I have been learning from Dr. Regina Bogle for years and celebrate her new book, Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart, which has something important to say to all healing professionals and those on a journey toward wholeness. With a tender heart, Dr. Bogle does a masterful job integrating traditional modalities of healing, mythology, spirituality, physiology, and energy medicine while telling the story of the empath.”

Linda Tyrie, D.C.
“Written by the most insightful person I have ever met, this book is Dr. Bogle’s gift to the world. Anyone who reads it will receive much understanding of themselves and others and be opened to a deeper compassion for all. May her experienced and enlightened heart touch yours.”
Patricia H. Morris
Heart Break To Happiness Coach and Feng Shui Consultant

“Both for the lay person and for those involved in all facets of the healing arts, Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart gifts the reader with an opportunity to explore and understand the multifaceted dimensions of being human and, in particular, empathic. Beautifully presented with simplicity and clarity, this integrative work offers a great reference for appreciating the multi-dimensional ways we humans are able and continually invited to receive informational stimuli and make a response.

As an empath, I found myself reading a bit at a time, and then reflecting on what I’d read as it related to my ongoing questions: who am I and who are you. Feeling Our Way has helped me understand why I am always asking these questions. Now that I am able to appreciate the layers and systems at play within us, I realize that the process of unraveling the true and authentic self is complex as well as simple.

In summary: What does it mean to be an empathic human being, in this body, with such sophisticated physiology, living now? I found Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart a meaningful guide for answering this question, now, for myself.”

Regina Bogle, M.D.

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