Therapeutic Offerings

Insight-Oriented Consultations and Healing Sessions

Sessions can be scheduled for one hour, ninety minutes, or two hours – rates determined accordingly – as agreed upon when scheduling the first appointment, then in response to whatever needs arise thereafter. If a person prefers a verbal approach that does not involve the use of multi-step healing protocols, a one-hour session may work perfectly. More involved interventions may benefit from a longer session. Whatever may be chosen, our intention involves a deepening of self-awareness so as to promote a balanced love and care for self and others in the context of a greater sense of purpose and meaning for one’s life.  A Jungian slant with references to myths, attention to dreams, and pursuit of the deep psyche’s guidance for the individual’s unique healing pathway contribute to this process.

Astrological Consultation

In the process of healing work a person may occasionally seek additional input regarding the archetypal, mythic aspects of their psyche.  The astrological birth chart offers a unique picture of what gifts, tensions, and life lessons face the individual without any prediction for how that person may choose to live them.  When I use astrology in my work with others, I see its value as one of offering themes for deeper reflection, greater awareness and choice.  Couples have also used their birth charts as a way of respectfully appreciating their differences while also acknowledging ways to live into the best intention of their union.  Accurate information regarding date, time, and place of birth is required to cast a meaningful chart for these purposes.  Those interested in this service but who do not know their birth time can request that the birth time be reported on their birth certificate when they request a copy.

Energy Psychology

“The Tapping Solution” is quickly gaining popularity on the web and more slowly in traditional psychiatric settings as a means to relieve anxieties and to more effectively shift outmoded beliefs.  Its effectiveness is based upon the energetic access of the tapping points to deep parts of the brain which conscious thought and desire alone cannot always penetrate.  This approach can be combined with developing insights to elicit and help shift those deeper beliefs that one’s conscious will had been unable to budge.  This approach can be used on its own or in conjunction with Eden Energy Medicine protocols as needed to facilitate energetic balance, emotional peace, and greater insight regarding specific issues of concern as well as one’s place in the larger process of life’s unfolding.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Essences, individually and in combination, offer a gentle path of healing for those struggling with emotional and/or thought-based concerns.  Dr. Edward Bach described them as a means to restore the harmony between the soul and the mental, emotional, and thus the physical levels of our being.  Bach Flower remedies have no side effects and can be combined with medications if the trace content of alcohol preservative is not prohibitive.  I offer Bach Flower remedies in conjunction with the other services I provide but not as a separate, stand-alone consultation at this time.

Energy Medicine Sessions

The focused therapeutic modality for these sessions draws upon the work of Donna Eden ( but also extends beyond it.  Because energy can access any level of our being, this approach can focus solely on energy flows, thereby offering the participant greater self-awareness regarding one’s own energetic happenings within, as well as self-empowering exercises to keep those energies flowing and balanced.  Additionally, Eden Energy Medicine protocols can be combined with the development of a more conscious understanding of those resistances deep within us which keep needed healing information tucked away in the unconscious.  Once we begin to see the old, no longer useful beliefs and stories for what they are, we can use those same energy pathways to replace those old beliefs with new, more meaningful understandings.  When combined with a daily energy routine, energetic and conscious shifts in awareness can hold their gains more easily than without this support.

General Information Regarding Healing Sessions

For the first session, I have found that two hours allows for greater depth of exploration as well as an experience of healing. Our first meeting typically involves taking the time to get to know each other, the issues of concern, and our best understanding of their origin and their impact upon one’s current life experience.  If the person has already identified their preferred healing modality, we will likely begin that process during the first session as well.  If not, options will be presented, and if a combination of therapeutic interventions is requested, we will agree upon how to make the best use of our time together. 

As is hopefully obvious at this point, I honor the process of partnering with those who seek my services.  I may know more about the healing modalities offered, but each person is the expert on themselves.  We will hopefully discover more together, but partnering is essential.  This differs somewhat from the more traditional practice of medicine, which has its place in the pursuit of healing.  Given the breadth of healing options available to us, I certainly honor those who seek traditional approaches to healing as well. 

Non-traditional approaches are not magic, even if on occasion the healing outcome may seem dramatic.  Most times their effects are gradual and gentle so that each person can integrate their healing effects at their own pace.  When a person attends to the healing suggestions that arise from our work during sessions, and practices them or reflects upon them between sessions, this certainly supports the work, makes sessions more meaningful and effective, and makes for a better outcome over time.  Ultimately, the goal of the healing work is to empower each person to access and support their own healer within.

My practice honors the use of medication as a useful and sometimes life-saving tool when necessary, but prescriptions for medications are no longer offered as part of the therapeutic focus.  I will gladly work with anyone taking medication, but those needing prescriptions will need to see other practitioners for their medication concerns.

Please note:  I am not a provider for any health insurance plans and as a retired physician I am no longer able to give receipts with diagnosis codes for health insurance out-of-network reimbursement.

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